Your health and wellness – an introduction

Your health is your most valuable investment. You can live healthy, productive years simply by applying a handful of principles. In fact, according to experts, one hundred-plus years of activity and vitality should be the attainable goal for mankind. All other mammals live five times the number of years it takes their skeleton to reach maturity – man reaches his skeletal maturity at the age of twenty six – this indicates one hundred years of productive life as a reasonable goal for all of us.

healthy lifestyle

We have all heard countless times about “eating 5 a day” and the importance of doing exercise on a regular basis to look good, young, healthy and to achieve that long-desired body shape. The facts show that the number of obesity and weight-gain related illnesses has been skyrocketing, especially in the so-called modern societies, where the information about how to keep healthy is splattered all over national media.

Demand for plastic surgery

Plastic surgery has seeped into pop culture, with the growing number of reality TV shows, tabloid breaking news and rumors of celebrities getting different types of cosmetic procedures. The growth in this trend is not limited to the US and UK. People all over the world are doing it to alter specific features and achieve that perfect look and body shape. The rising supply and demand in the cosmetic surgery industry is undeniable. People are searching for both the magic procedures promising immediate results at affordable prices. However, the cost of such procedures becomes, most often than not, larger than anticipated, with severe impact on both body and mental health.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported in 2010 the numbers of weight loss related procedures: 203,106 for Liposuction and 116,352 for Abdominoplasty. Still according to this source, 13.1 million cosmetic procedures, 1.6 million cosmetic surgical procedures and 11.6 million cosmetic minimally-invasive procedures took place in the USA in the same year.

Whilst plastic surgery may be advised for specific aesthetic cases, customized health and fitness programmes can produce outstanding results in the areas of weight-loss and overall body-toning, providing real and consistent results that are sustainable in the long run. The bottom line is that you can lose a considerable amount of weight together with a significant reduction in cellulite by learning how to progressively integrate supporting disciplines – such as nutrition and exercise – into your lifestyle.

Healthy mind and body

A healthy mindset is as important as a healthy body, or, in other words, feeling good and looking good go hand in hand and one cannot exist without the other. As the body needs to be kept fit and exercised, so does the mind, and action must also be taken to nurture and care for our mental self.

”And in the end it’s not the years in your life that count; It’s the life in your years” – Abraham Lincoln.

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