Seven rules of health

I read so many articles and reports on health and fitness. Perhaps like some of you, I get overwhelmed by the information from the different sources which can be contradictory. I came across an article called ‘Seven rules of health’ while in plane to New Delhi which I enjoyed and would like to share. The article was published in Issue 33 of Medica Tourism, a publication of the Health Travel Industry of Thailand.

The articles just state the seven rules – followed by pictures. There are no (unnecessary) words. These rules are in line with the principles advocated in Sage Vita. Here are the seven rules (the pictures are from other sources).

1. Get fresh air

Fresh air

2. Exercise


3. Get enough sleep


4. Wear comfortable clothing

comfortable clothing

5. Observe proper hygiene

hand washing

6. Eat a balanced diet

balanced diet

7. Find time for leisure and relaxation

Young Woman Receiving Back Massage

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