Seven reasons to consider the Zone weight loss program

First, before we look at the seven reasons for considering the Zone diet program, let’s talk about what it is.

The Zone diet is a diet popularized by biochemist Barry Sears. See for more information. The premise behind this diet is that excess fat is retained when your body experiences cellular inflammation (due to overeating and/or toxic living) and conversely that you lose fat by reducing cellular inflammation. The Zone diet was created to reduce this inflammation and as a result, reduce those excess pounds as well.

Reasons to consider the Zone diet

Now, let’s look at those seven reasons for considering the Zone diet

1.  No carbohydrate restriction. One of the hardest things for some people to give up is carbohydrate. And that’s one thing the Zone diet doesn’t require you do, making it a favorable diet for all those carb lovers out there. In fact, it advocates consuming calories from carbohydrates, proteins and fats in a balanced ration of 40:30:30 respectively supplemented by a particular ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids.

2. You will feel full.  You will find that you don’t fight hunger pangs like some other diets. There will be a sense of fullness. This is because your insulin levels will be regulated as long as you follow the proper eating guidelines (the ratios as mentioned above).  Feeling full will help you not cheat therefore having a great chance of sticking to the program.


3. Increased energy. One benefit that many people talk about when following the Zone diet is that they notice an increase in energy. It is believed this happens because of the insulin levels being normalized, which is what the Zone diet is designed to do (that’s why it follows a specific ratio of 40:30:30).

4. No counting calories. This one pretty much speaks for itself but there is one thing to mention. While you don’t have to count calories, you will have to pay attention to the category of food – protein, carbs and fat.

5. Fruits and vegetables. A pro to the Zone diet is that unlike other low-carb diets out there that don’t allow you to eat fruits and vegetables, you can on this one.

6.  Effort Level.  The program is quite easy to follow. But you have to keep to the ratio for every meal and snack. You have to eat within one hour of waking and not to allow more than five hours to go by without eating.  See below a video of Manuel Uribe, the fattest man in the world weighing over 1,200 lbs, who went on the Zone diet.

7. Good eating habits. Following this diet, you will learn portion control and reduce your sugar consumption. If you follow the diet long enough these will become habits and once you stop following the Zone, you will continue on with the good habits.

Zone-Diet-weight-lossIf you’re serious about getting healthy, losing weight and changing your life for the better you should seriously consider the Zone diet. It’s easy, fairly inexpensive. Advocates say that will help you jump start your weight loss journey as you will lose quickly the first few weeks of the diet.

A note of caution

Please note every effort has been made to include accurate information, but this is not a recommendation on this diet. Further research and the advice of a physician is highly recommended before starting this diet plan or any other diet plan mentioned on the Sage Vita website.

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