Packing for a cruise

You’ve got your passport, driver’s license and tickets on your person and a suitcase full of clothes. What else could you possible need to pack for a cruise? The answer is plenty. Sure, the ship sells everything you need, but it may be expensive and not your preferred brand. I have included a few tips on those little extra to put in your suitcase or carry-on that will make you look like the ultimate prepared traveler.

 Here are the top 8 packing tips

  1. Clothes:  You know to pack at least one formal outfit as well as a bathing suit or two. Beyond that, try to pack “dual purpose” clothing. A sarong that can be used as a swim cover-up as well as a long skirt for casual shore excursions. A simple dress that can be worn with sandals during the day and then, with the addition of accessories and different shoes, worn for dinner another night. Make life easy on yourself and go for wrinkle-free items if you can. For men: pack a jacket; you will find this useful for many occasions.
  1. Accessories: Bring a lightweight handbag or a day rucksack. These will come in handy for shore excursions. Weather can change so also pack a light sweater (even in summer) a windbreaker and also a sun hat. Comfortable walking shoes are essential.

Beautiful Vacationing Woman on Tender Boat with Cruise Ship in the Background.

  1. Electronics: Even if you promise not to check email and work on this vacation, you will need to pack your charging cords for any cell phones, laptops and iPods. Try putting them all in a plastic zip top freezer bag so they won’t get jumbled in your luggage.
  2. The Sun: Sunburns can ruin a cruise for many travelers. In fact, they can make a vacation downright unbearable. Pack sunscreen and your preferred “cure” in case you do get burnt. Some people swear by vinegar, aloe or Noxzema; whatever you swear by, just be sure to pack it ahead of time.
  3. Bug Spray: Stick some in a handy zip top bag and be prepared when you sign up for an excursion that takes you on a jungle hike.  Bugs don’t bother the prepared traveler.
  4. A Deck of Cards: Yes, the ship will have plenty of on-board entertainment and activities much more exciting than a plain deck of cards. All the same, a deck of cards can be a lifesaver during any travel delays before arriving at your cruise.
  5. A Suitcase: An extra, collapsible suitcase can be used for trips ashore and for carrying home souvenirs as well as for storing wet, dirty laundry. This can be folded inside your main suitcase when you start on the journey and then taken out when needed.
  6. Medications: Importantly bring the medications and supplements that you normally take. Your vacation could be spoilt or you would waste a lot of time on shore excursions looking for pharmacies.

Being prepared is more than just grabbing a good book to read on your way out the door. Follow these tips, add a few of your own, and you will be on your way to becoming the prepared traveler that everyone else aspires to be.

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