Olivia Turner follows her dream

Olivia Turner was a sensation at last year’s New Zealand Got Talent program. The sensation was not due her voice or performance, which was beautiful, but to her age. At 91 she is the oldest contestant on a talent show. In her case, it is not the age that you notice first, bur her vitality. See her for yourself in the video below

We only have an outline of her life. Olivia was born in London and emigrated to New Zealand at the time of the Great Depression. During the second World War she worked as a tailor, sewing uniforms for soldiers. She used part of her wages to pay for singing lessons and went on to sing with big bands during the war years. For nearly two decades after she married, she concentrated on being a wife and mother of three. In her 40s she “followed her dream” and resumed her love of singing and performing. She lives in a retirement village in Christchurch and, as she said, goes to karaoke from time to time.

Age is just a number

We don’t know what joys or heartaches befell Olivia in her long life. We don’t know about her failures and achievements. All we know is what we see and hear. She comes across as a serene, confident woman, and still beautiful. That is all quite remarkable and contrary to the conventional perception we have of someone with nine decades behind her. The song she sang at the semi-final was “Doing it my way”. Perhaps she did just that, and shows us all that age is just a number.

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