Now you can be the biggest loser

logo2Are you a diehard Biggest Loser fan watching the TV series since the early seasons? Have you even dreamed about being a contestant on the ranch so you too could get pushed beyond what you thought possible?

Well now you can be a biggest loser, too – right from the comfort of your own home with the Biggest Loser Diet. By following the program at home you will be following a fitness and diet program similar to what is used on the ranch. Here are the links for more information  and

Man-loserWhat do they use on the ranch? There is a 4-3-2-1 pyramid that the biggest loser contestants have to follow. That stands for four fruit servings, three servings of lean protein, two whole grain servings and one ‘extra’ (treat). Of course there is the exercise too. Not only will following this program help you lose weight there are other health benefits involved too – lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, etc.  The diet is a 12-week program based on the 4-3-2-1 food pyramid just mentioned.


Pros for the Biggest Loser Club diet

1.  Fruits and vegetables. The diet requires you to eat a healthy quantity of fruits and vegetables every day. If you remember the pyramid above, you will have four servings of fruit a day. This is where you will get the fiber, minerals and vitamins that your body needs.

2. Treats. The program is designed so that you can allow yourself one ‘treat’ a day. Keep in mind it has to be done in moderation and you have to still stay within your daily calorie range.

3. Food journal. This could be considered a con if the thought of having to write everything down makes you cringe but keeping a food journal will allow you to see exactly where you daily calories are coming from. It will help prevent you from cheating knowing you have to be “accountable” to the journal, writing down everything.

Cons for the Biggest Loser Club diet

1. No processed foods. If you like breakfast cereals, cheese slices, hot dogs, etc you will have a hard time following this diet. You Womanloseraren’t allowed to eat processed foods.

2. Calorie counting. If the mere thought of calorie counting makes you cringe you better skip this diet. That’s the whole premise of it.

3. Expensive. It can be somewhat expensive to follow the Biggest Loser Club diet. If you’ve watched any of the episodes, you see the kinds of food they eat – a lot of chicken, yogurt, fruits, oatmeal, etc. It all adds up.

The bottom line is the Biggest Loser Club diet is a great program to follow. You will learn better eating habits following this low-sugar, low-fat and low-calorie diet. The program also encourages you to exercise a lot – more than the standard three days a week. So, if you’re not used to it, be prepared to have to work really hard. But, stick to the program and you’ll see your hard work pay off soon.

A note of caution

Please note every effort has been made to include accurate information, but this is not a recommendation on this diet. Further research and the advice of a physician is highly recommended before starting this diet plan or any other diet plan mentioned on the Sage Vita website.

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