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Last year was another amazing year in the meteoric rise of social media in our communications landscape. There are now more devices connected to the Internet than there are people on earth. This is fundamentally changing the way we socialize and interact with 40% of people socializing more online than face-to-face.

In fact, every minute of everyday 100,000 tweets are sent, 684,478 pieces of content are shared on Facebook and 3,600 photos are shared on Instagram.

Consider these simply stunning statistics about some of the biggest social media networking and content sharing sites.

The Republic of Facebook

The facebook republic

In October 2012 the monthly number of active users on Facebook passed 1 billion. Every single day there are 2.7 billion likes on Facebook which is not so surprising given one of every five of all page views on the Internet is a Facebook page view. So who are these users liking so much on Facebook? 57% of them are female and while North America still dominates in percentage of population Facebook has seen a 41% growth in active users from Russia, South Korea, Japan, India and Brazil in 2012. In fact, Brazil is the most active country on Facebook with 85,962 monthly posts by Facebook pages.

Other social media

Twitter: 2012 was also a stellar year for Twitter, which passed 200 million active monthly users in December. Throughout the year the average number of tweets every day was 175 million. This figure was certainly bolstered by the record-breaking and quite simply astounding 327,452 tweets per minute when Barack Obama was re-elected. While the average user follows (or is followed by) 51 people, Lady Gaga’s account has 31 million followers. 123 heads of state have twitter accounts and even the Pope started tweeting in 2012.

LinkedIn: As of September 2012 there were 187 million LinkedIn members. It is by far the most popular social networking site used for professional networking with Facebook a distant second. Interestingly, LinkedIn is one of the few major social networking sites used more by men than women.

Pinterest: In its first two years of existence Pinterest outperformed both Facebook and Twitter in terms of number of users. Pinterest is easily the most female-dominated network with 80% of users being female and 50% of them have children. Another interesting statistic is that 28.1% of Pinterest users have an annual household income of $100,000.

Average age of media users

Contrary to common sense assumptions, the users of social media are not necessarily young people. They range from the young to the old as shown by the average age below:

Average age of Facebook user: 40.5 years
Average age of Twitter user: 37.3 years
Average age of LinkedIn user: 44.2 years
Average age of Pinterest user: 40.1 years

Social media has certainly had a huge impact on all of our lives. It has fundamentally changed how we connect, interact, talk and share things.
It has already been popularly disproven that social media is just for the Generation X or even Y. As the average age of users clearly shows, social media is being largely utilized and driven by the old as well as by the young. In my next blog I will consider how social media is impacting on the lives of baby boomers.

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