Never miss an important event

When you’re busy, it can be overwhelming trying to track where you’re supposed to be and what you’re supposed to be doing.  Sure, any calendar app can help in that regard, however, you might be seeking something a bit more feature enriched that surpasses what you’re using now.


If you want to “say and do,” then this is a fantastic choice (hence, the name).  Fantastical lets you speak an event (in one of five languages) and adds it to your calendar.  It is easy to locate an event, view the details, and copy or move it.  A plus is the option to see and manage your Facebook events.

Week Calendar

Unlike the iPhone standard calendar app, Week Calendar gives you a detailed look at what’s happening on a given day, the current week, the upcoming week, part of the month, or even a year.  It works well for those with few calendars events, or those who push the limits and are on the go all the time.


Do you need more just a vague reference to what is happening on a specific date at a specific time?  Among the many features that Calvetica offers, the most beneficial are seeing how your events overlap over an entire month, adding icons to identify additional details for an event including notes, the location, who might be attending, etc., and searching everything – not simply the event title.

Calendars Plus

Maybe you need a little (or a lot more) functionality that those basic features offered by Google Calendar.  That’s where Calendar Plus becomes “a plus”!  You can drag and drop events, take advantage of special keyboards, manage your calendar either off or online, invite others to events, send yourself reminders via SMS, and schedule repeating events.


If you’re a Google Calendar user, Sunrise is a nice add-on for your iPhone.  Of course it includes all the basic calendar functions, and offers a few more.  It works with Google maps, tracks events and birthdays you have in your Facebook account, and displays the profiles (including images) with those you have connected with via LinkedIn. If there is no network connection available, you can still create events offline and sync them up when a connection becomes available. You can also make a quick call by simply swiping over the phone number.

Awesome Calendar

With its pleasing interface, and powerful functionality, Awesome Calendar is the only app you need for managing all areas of your life.  The list of beneficial features is quite long, but here are a few that really stand out.  It includes multiple calendar management, iPhone calendar synchronization, to-do list grouping, diary notes with photos, and full text search across everything. In a nutshell, it’s “awesome”!


If you’re a Google Calendar user, CalenGoo lets you interface with you Google Calendar.  Two of the most beneficial features are PDF creation and “floating events.”  You can create a PDF of a particular calendar view (for example, the current week) and attach it to an event or send it via email. The “floating events” functionality finds uncompleted tasks or events and automatically moves them to the current day’s calendar so they are never overlooked.

Calendars have always been a staple in time management. With all the apps available today to choose from, there is no reason why you should ever again miss an event.

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